Official Beer Pong Rules (With Paddles)

Version 1.02

  1. Objective
    1. Dunk ball in the glass of your opponent(s).
  2. No Red Cups!
    1. If you are throwing ping pong balls into red cups arranged in a pyramid, you are not playing beer pong. Come back when you have money for a real ping pong table, net, paddles and most importantly, some genuine table tennis skillz.
  3. The Glass
    1. The Glass shall be a standard 16oz. pint glass (like the glass shown above). No handles and NO exceptions. There will be no miss-matched glasses on the table. Go to the nearest restaurant supply and buy the proper glasses. You may find them at Wal-Mart, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Target. Print out the picture of the 16oz. glass before you leave the house. They also have them here at
  4. Table Markings
    1. How to mark the table. Get out your favorite Sharpie marker, a ruler and a pint glass or coaster (these car cup holder coasters are preferred as not to damage the table with a wet glass during game play and they are the perfect size for a pint glass). Each side of the table shall have 3 circles marking the exact spot to place your pint glass for a total of 6 circles. NO VARIANTS ARE ACCEPTABLE. Mark the table exactly as follows.
      1. On each side of the table, mark the middle of the center line (for 1 Player vs. 1 Player mode).
      2. In each quadrant, mark a circle in the dead center (for 2 Players vs. 2 Player mode).
    2. Note: During game play, you may use coasters under your pint glasses to prevent damage to your table. All coasters should be of the exact same type.
    3. You may or may not count coaster strikes as a Gulp. It's up to the house due the difficulty in finding small coasters.
  5. Game Play
    1. Game play is typical table tennis with a few exceptions. Notably we do not keep track of the real table tennis score and the game should be played to "keep the ball alive" at all times. This means you may hit of walls, floors, etc. You are not playing to get to 21, you are playing to dunk or strike a glass.
    2. You are not allowed to serve the ball at a glass. If you strike a glass on the serve, you must drink the value of said serve. Generally, it is only considered a serve when you actually hold the ball in one hand and throw it to strike with the paddle hand. What qualifies as a serve can also be determined in good faith by the people in the room at the time.
    3. No goal tending. If a ball is making it's way to your glass from your opponents side, you may not intercept it. The only exception is when your glass is in your hand.
    4. If a beer is less than half full and there is no one waiting to play, you may demand that said person fill up his/her beer. In fact, it is your obligation to do so. After all, what joy is there in dunking a beer with only 1 Gulp left?
    5. You do not "share" your drinks with your partner. I.E., if your partners glass is struck, you are not required to drink and if your partner has to drink more than 1 Gulp, you cannot drink for your partner.
    6. If you finish your drink at anytime and there are people waiting to play, you must leave the table.
    7. If a ball bouces around on the inside of a glass and pops out, it counts as a "Rim of glass" shot. This is due the great difficulty of trying to determine how many times it bouced around before it poped out.
    8. If you dunk a ball, you are required to celebrate. Unlike college football where players are penalized, in Beer Pong you are penalized for not celebrating your achievement (and taking the game too seriously).
    9. You may not cross the backplane of the table to hit the ball. For example, you may not go up to the net clamps to hit the ball at your opponents unless you are retrieving it.
    10. You may not cross the backplane of the glasses (i.e. "playing the net"). This may also be considered goal tending and penalties apply.
    11. If four people are playing the game, one person can be drinking while the others resume game play.
  6. Scoring
    1. IF A BALL STRIKES A GLASS AT ANY TIME, SOMEONE IS DRINKING, it's just a matter of figuring out who and how much. This is a general catch all rule and is always applicable (24/7/365).
    2. Possible values for a single strike:

      Side of a glass 1 Gulp
      Rim of a glass2 Gulps
      In the glass Remainder of Beer

    3. Note: A "Gulp" is meant to be a COMPLETE mouthful of delicious beer. The term "drink" is not used here for clarification reasons. It is recommended you use the word "drink" or "drinks" when referring to how many Gulps during live game play else Eddie will call you a pansy.
    4. Once a glass has been struck, game play continues until the ball is considered "dead" and all subsequent strikes accumulate.
    5. If a players glass gets struck before the player has FINISHED drinking, that player will accumulate more drinks untill the ball is "dead".
    6. Penalties:

      Goaltending 3 Gulps
      Not celebrating when you dunk someone 3 Gulps
      Accidentally knocking a glass over 1 Beer
      Destroying a Ping Pong ball 1 Beer

  7. Supplemental
    1. If there are people at the house that have never played beer pong, it is your obligation as a good beer pong citizen to get a paddle in the hand of said Noob. Noobs can (and freakishly so) be a natural at beer bong. You never know who the next ccb or kcorn might be. They could even be girls (hahaha).
    2. Print these rules out put them on the wall!
  8. About
    1. Beer pong was invented December 24th 1996 at my old house on Porter Avenue (Niceville FL).
    2. Since then several variants have come to be. The "beirut beer pong" version of the game is not the same as Beer Pong as I have clearly defined above. "bierut beer pong" game is for girls. Girls who don't own a paddle and girls who don't know how to handle a paddle. Girls that should be paddled repeatedly for allowing their douche bag "boy" friends to play "beriut beer pong".
    3. I'm not hating on "buirt beer pong". It a great game for 3rd world countries where a table could be difficult to come by. However, in the U S of A, there is no excuse. So, get a table and mark the circles.

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